What we do?

You name it and we will plan it for you!

We can help you organise birthday parties, anniversaries, baby shower, special occasions/festivals, hens party, mother’s day, father’s day and the list goes on! Even if it is just about a nice get together with friends, we can make it special for you!

We believe in ‘flexibility’. We can help you the way you want us to help you. We can either provide an end to end party organising service or customise our services based on your requirements.

Our end to end party organising services include the following range –

  • Developing a party plan
  • Conceptualising a theme
  • Suggesting/selecting a party venue
  • Decorating the venue
  • Invitation designing (cards, Facebook events page and video invites)
  • Arranging/co-ordinating with suppliers, such as Catering, Wait staff, Entertainment, Photographer and Light/Audio-Visual equipments.
  • Organising party games
  • MC-ing the event
  • Co-ordinating/supporting all tasks on the day of the party to ensure everything goes smoothly
  •  Co-ordinating wrap-up and cleaning of the venue after the party

You may choose to opt for all of our services or only a few depending on your personal requirements and budget. Just contact us to discuss your thoughts and we will help you realise your dreams.

We take all the stress and let you be yourself, relaxed and cheerful on your special day. As they say – “Party hard and laugh endlessly!”


Dance Entertainment

Our in-house Bollywood Dance Crew provides dance entertainment and dance workshops for guests at the event. We are also able to arrange for dance entertainers from other dance forms and genres. Do feel free to contact us and we will arrange to your needs.


Event MC

Our in-house Event MC can conduct the whole event for you or organise party games which is the best way to involve all the guests in the action. Do feel free to contact us to discuss the details and your specific requirements.


Video Invite

In today’s world of increased online networking and technology use, a video invitation can be a very personal and interactive way to invite guests to your special occasion. We can create a very special video invite for that special occasion right from conceptualising and storyboarding to shooting the video, editing and sharing the video.

Please see the following video invite created for a wedding invite –


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